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Profile of Ounion

Ounion Optoelectronics Tech.Co., Ltd. (Ounion), founded in 2005, is committed to R&D, manufacturing, sales of “lighting and display” product; the lighting product include: LED backlight for information indication, environment and space lighting LED product; the display product include: LCD, LCM and LED static display product (LED static display board).

Ounion consistently advocates technology innovation and keeps a leading position of technology within the field. In addition, Ounion adheres to continuous investment in technology research, actively implements patent strategy so as to provide more valuable product for customers. 

Ounion wins trust with quality, takes environmental protection as its duty and earns respect by taking care of employees. By strictly following the management system requirements of ISO9001, ISO1400 and OHSAS18001, Ounion has established its enterprise operation flow and optimizes it during implementation to keep the benefit balance of society, enterprise and employees.

With the endless efforts of all colleagues, Ounion Optoelectronics Tech. Co., Ltd. provides services for lots of clients, mainly including:TOYOTA, SIEMENS, PANASONIC, SAMSUNG, DAS AUTO.  Ounion continuously improves itself during the cooperation with all clients.

Choose Ounion, you will have more conveniences and multi-wins!