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References for backlight source

1.Planning and reserving of space

If your product needs backlight or possibly needs it, in the initial stage of product planning, please consider the assembling relationship between occupancy of backlight space, power consumption, and peripheral drivers and supporting elements. Sometimes, due to the lack of reserved space, the light spot will be exposed, which affects the visual effect of backlight source or bring difficulties for positioning design of elements.

For reserving space, mainly consider the side of setting light sources. When designing the product, please request the specification of the shortest distance between the external edge of backlight and the shining area. The supplier shall provide the specification according to the size of product, the type of light source and the installation method of such light source.

2.Proposed value scope of proper evenness

To propose the evenness scope of backlight, please consider the following factors: back light type, light source distribution of the back light, whether a BEF (prism) is used, the difference between human eye feelings and instrument measuring condition, etc.

Normally, for the product with no BEF, it is not the case that the bigger evenness value of back light is better. Due to the difference between human eye feelings and instrument measurement conditions, the appropriate acceptable scope of evenness should be between 70% ~ 95%, which is the ideal evenness for the human eye to feel.