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Precautions for using LCD/LCM

1. When you carry, store or use flexible displayer or inorganic glass components, you shall avoid impacting LCD/LCM by external force;

2. In order to avoid damage of internal liquid crystal of LCD/LCM, please to use and store LCD/LCM according to the regulated temperature and humidity range, especially pay attention to the high temperature conditions; moreover, please do not expose it in sunlight or ultraviolet ray directly.

3. Since most of LCD/LCM driving elements are electrostatic sensitive components, you shall provide sufficient electrostatic protective measures for them;

4.For the dirt on the surface of LCD/LCM, you can use absorbent cotton ball to wipe it gently; if the dirt is serious, you can wipe it with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol or ethanol;

5.If LCD/LCM is damaged and the liquid crystal overflows, you can use solvents such as acetone or ethyl alcohol to wipe the overflowed liquid crystal; if you contact the liquid crystal with your hands, please wash them with soap and running water.